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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 2, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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military base. at least four dead. details next on kpix5.
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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> a shooting spree at a u.s. army base and tonight, we know the alleged gunman was a soldier. >> it happened at fort hood, texas. this is the second mass shooting there in five years. joe vasquez has more. >> reporter: the gunman opened fire on one building of the base, then got in his car and drove to another location and started shooting again. tonight, 16 people are wounded and four dead including the gunman who turned the weapon on himself. every one of them military personnel. [ sirens ] >> the gates went up. >> reporter: as an army soldier
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drove through his own base, families were notified to stay inside and away from the windows. >> take shelter immediately. >> reporter: at first, everybody was a suspect. >> they are escorting a group of soldiers out of a building now at gunpoint. everyone is coming out with their hands in the air. soldiers, men, women, and children. >> reporter: a responding officer eventually found the gunman. cbs news confirmed he is 34- year-old ivan lopez. >> within 13 minutes, first responders with the military police and the emergency services responded to the scene. engaged the shooter. the shooter is dead. from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> reporter: lopez had psychological issues. he served in iraq and had a traumatic brain injury, but had not been diagnosed with any war
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wounds. his weapon, a semiautomatic gun. >> it is really unreal. >> reporter: lopez was in the process of being evaluated for post-traumatic stress disorder, but there was no official diagnosis. his motive, not exactly clear. initial reports say he got into an argument with another soldier. it is not an act of terrorism. the news room, joe vasquez. kpix5. >> it is estimated between 10 and 20% of veterans suffer from ptsd. a huge aftershock rattled northern chile. it was 7.8. struck just a few hours ago. no reports of any casualties. initial tsunami warnings have been lifted as well. at least six people were killed in yesterday's quake and it caused widespread action. one plate is sliding under another. we have the same kind of set up here in the bay area.
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>> we are here living in earthquake country in the bay area and southern california and it's a reminder that we need to be ready and prepared and do what we can to make sure our structures are safer. >> with different plates at play, the big one could be even bigger depending on where you are in california. seismologists say the largest quake to struck the south would be in the sevens but here in the bay area, we could experience an 8 or a 9. tonight, there was a loud roar of jets in fremont, hayward, and san leandro. all because christin ayers says the oakland airport couldn't keep the lights on. christin? >> reporter: that's right. the lights went dark around 8:00 tonight. that meant that planes had to be diverted and that sent them flying low and loud over some residential neighborhoods. the planes had to be switched from oakland airport's main
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runway to northfield. a much smaller field for small planes land. and again, that meant some neighborhoods in alameda and san leandro, hayward, all hearing extra noise tonight from the skies. they blamed an electrical problem for the outage. the lights back on at 8:30. and there were no delays from any of the planes. just a little extra noise. reporting live, christin ayers, kpix5. about an hour ago, we got an update on the search for the missing plane. but the malaysian prime minister didn't want to answer one final question. >> the search area is lost. and the conditions are not easy. but the new refined area of search has given us new hope. and i believe the courage of the crews is more than equal to the task. >> thank you. >> any information from your government has been wrong?
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>> the prime minister walked out when asked about misinformation. all passengers had been cleared in any possible involvement in the disappearance. they are know focusing on the crew and the pilot. a missing man was found dead in his car today. that car was in a canal near leland and gulf club roads in pittsburgh. the man is 56-year-old dennis sandaval. a woman spotted, no word on where it came from. there have been several atm thefts around the bay area. in the past few weeks. state senator leland yee's sacramento office is back open. his state members are members of the senate. so while he is suspended, the staff can keep working. different story at his office in the state building in san francisco. we saw a worker cleaning the sign outside the office.
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yee's name had been removed. >> ultimately, everyone in this office and our district offices was hired to serve the people in that district and that is what they continue do do as long as the office is open. >> any bills have been sent back to the rules committee by the way, yee switched lawyers today. he is now served by james lassert who specializes in white collar crime defense. money talks in politics and tonight, it's about to get louder. the u.s. supreme court has a key limit on contributions. an individual will be able to give to as many parties, candidates, or packs as he wants. the ruling was 5/4 with the conservatives in the majority. the ruling did not sit well. protesters gathered across the san francisco city hall saying democracy is not for sale.
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>> there are more and more, the very rich are taking control of our politics. they don't control it yet, but their influence keeps growing and this ruling will make it easier for them, relacing previous laws has already changed politics dramatically. >> lawmakers are focusing on raising money for tack ads. 20 law students were arrested after this. a group of protesters got into it with police in riot gear. tonight t protesters are charged with misdemeanors. the grad students have been in heated contract talks with the university and more protests are planned for tomorrow. san jose finally has more money to hire for police officers but tonight, lynn ramirez says there is just one problem. >> take your seat! >> reporter: in san jose, the
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name for new police officers is high, but the number of recruits who qualify is low and shrinking. there's room for 60 redroughts in each class. this one graduating had 46 and this new one will have more empty seats. >> we hired 29 officers. that is quite a bit lower than we are used to. >> reporter: it's the slowest recruiting class in decades, but it didn't start out that way. 754 qualified physicals but background checks wiped out the rest of them. >> we can't attract quality recutes anybody. >> reporter: neighboring departments pay more, but union president jim says that retirement benefits slashed under measure b is the big reason. >> we have the worst pension plan for police in the state. >> reporter: they say the number of recruits will bounce back later this year. >> cautiously optimistic that is a one time drop in the pool.
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>> san jose is authorized for 1100 officers but there are only 900 906. toe night, this bay area guy is alive because of something his snow board can do. and a family claiming their mother was frozen alive. and the new light show you will see from the freeway next. look at the light show from 24 hours ago on our doppler. tonight, nothing is going on. coming up in weather, find out when rain returns and find out when highs in the 80s return. i have both to talk about next. ,,
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one very lucky guy tonight. abe finkelstein survived mo frigid, >> a bay area snow boarder is one very lucky guy tonight. abe finklestein survived. he is a cellist from san francisco. he disappeared monday. he was found yesterday. he followed a creek and made it to a house in soda springs where he called for help. joe vasquez shows us his snow board was the saving grace. >> reporter: we are here at sports basement. and eric has your traditional snow board, but this is what the guy was rescued was using. it's called a split board. it is split right down the middle. you just unfasten a few latches. boom. you turn them into cross country skis and that enables you to go a longer distance to
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safety. >> pretty cool, huh? abe also used his board and branches to build a shelter. he was treated for frostbite, but is doing just fine tonight. a modesto man is back home. bob route had been training with a runner group in placer county. he was wearing only a light jacket and shorts when he veered off a path and couldn't find his way back. he kept warm in freezing conditions by curling up in bushes. he later ended up walking right into a search crew. >> i found some guys and ladies standing around in red jump suits and i go hi! [ laughter ] and they go, are you bob? i say yeah! i learned that if you say that you are going to survive, then you are going to survive. >> and he did. bob's first request when he was released from the hospital, a burger from in and out. well los angeles hospital is being sued tonight in a case
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that sounds like a horror movie. stacey butler reports a woman woke up in the morgue, then froze to death. >> this is one of the most agregous cases you will ever see. >> reporter: placed in a body bag while still alive. >> this case keeping me awake at night. >> reporter: marie de jesus' family says she was put in the morgue alive. the family's attorney says the court documents paint a haunting picture of the 80-year- old grandmother's final moments. an expert hired by the family saying she was alive in the hospital's freezer. eventually woke up due to extreme cold and damaged her face and turned herself face down in her struggle. she froze to death. then the employees found her,
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makeup couldn't cover her broken nose and self-inflicted facial injuries. in a 27 page statement, an expert witness say she was found with a body bag approximately halfway open, consistent with her struggling to get out. her family initially sued for mishandling her disceased body. but when her expert said the injuries couldn't handle after death and she died not of a heart attack, but of hypothermia, they filed a new suit for wrongful death. the judge dismissed it. later, the judge reversed the case back to court for a jury trial. >> this case deserves a jury verdict and a jury will rule on it. >> in orange county, stacey butler, kpix5. a big step in the dismantling of the old bay bridge today. chopper five was there as crews
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started slicing the section in half. in the next few weeks, you should see the separation between the old and the new span. and you are looking at bart of the future. the train is due for an overhaul. this is a sneak peek of what they will look like on the inside. the official unveiling comes in two weeks. riders will be able to ride through a new car and say what they like and don't. there will be a light show underway that you can see for miles around. andria borba has more. >> reporter: this mural and light show was released in late february. you can see it right behind me. you can see it from 101 and from 280, but everything about it says bay view. in the daylight, the bright colors stand in stark contrast to the abandoned gray, broken
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windows, and industrial landscape around it. but at night, the giant mural lights up to create a trippy overworldly glow over the bay view district. >> it is a dramatic difference. it was an eyesore, now it is something really cool to look at. >> reporter: the mural and light show was designed by a seattle artist who interviewed people who live in bay view and found inspiration for the wall of paint. lots of it. >> we think it is representative and the community thinks it's representative. >> reporter: what they used to call the butcher town neighborhood. hot hair balloons to honor the bay view activist. >> it was like a balloon with the air let out of it waiting for somebody to come back and reinflate it and allow the
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community the rise up. >> reporter: there are different colored light cues each night making the mural seem like its dancing and painting a portrait of bay view's future. >> can art change the fate of a community? >> it is a step that can help. >> reporter: only time will tell. you are taking a live look at the mural out here. notice since the taped portion ran, the color was changed. you are getting a different look at the mural and what is on the wall, but you don't have to rush out and get a photo of it or up load it to the port of san francisco's website which they have a page to do that. this funding is here to keep the lights on for at least the next decade allen and liz. >> that's impressive. thanks. >> thank you andria borba. a couple of nights ago, paul, your weather had a light
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show going for sure. >> things were getting crazy. a nice light show last night. rare we should get two straight days with thunderstorms out there. but things are calming down. the sunshine was not terribly warm, but a different landscape in the sky. you actually saw some blue sky. and a live look shows you oakland looking toward the beautiful city of san francisco. a clear night, a chilly night. this is what you wake up to tomorrow morning. i know it's april 3. we don't typically get this cold. fairfield, vacaville. santa rosa. upper 30s . fremont waking up to 42. redwood city, 41. san francisco, 48. and up toward ukiah is under a frost advisory tonight. here's the good news. we got a lot of rain in the past few days. the snow pack is now up to 39%. still well below normal, but we are better. reservoir numbers are up 2% over the past week. and rainfall has shot up 12%.
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now above the 50% mark. we were in a heap of trouble at the beginning of february. it is still bad, but so much better now, two months later. so low pressure which gave us the thunderstorms, the rain, the hail, is now over arizona and new mexico. it is moving out. so something new has to move in. that something new is that. that center of high pressure building in today. a different area of low pressure moving in. but it's not going to be a repeat of the thunderstorms or the hail and the active weather. this guy is not going to be as strong and not going to be as close. so a glancing blow. just showers, that's it. the timing of getting the rain out is perfect. after the clouds increase tomorrow after we get the scattered showers friday, it is going to be a glorious weekend to get outside. sunny and warm, some of you pushing 80. san jose. 64. chilly. normal 68. union city 62.
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pittsburgh 62. san ramon, 62. increasing clouds in the afternoon. mill valley, 63. san francisco, 60. rain friday, light rain. that's it. look at the weekend. 70s inland. 70s near the bay. 80 on monday and tuesday with sunshine very warm for the top of next week. really glorious. i love that word. weekend weatherful that's the word of the night. >> haven't used that in a while. >> thanks. amazon wants to give apple and google a little run for their money with this little black box. that's next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it just unveiled its answero apple >> amazon wants to be the center of your attention. >> they just unveiled their answer to apple tv. it features tons of video streaming options including netflix and hulu plus and it's own amazon prime library. there are also games. >> they want to be able to control the quality of the entire experience. which includes hardware. this means having customers come bag for content again and again. >> the new fire tv will cost you $99. not too bad. >> there you go. >> i do not have one.
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not yet. but i would not replay the warrior game. i'll tell you that. last time they won in san antonio, daniel boone was still alive. ,,,,,,,,,,
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andrew >> warrior fans under 17 years old have never seen their team win a regular season game in san antonio. no iguodala, no bogut. no lee. you do the half. here comes ginobli. watch tony park ravened you know what happens. 111-90 their final. the record is 43 set by the lakers over the kings. get ready. warriors in two games up on phoenix for the final playoff spot in the western conference. they have seven games left against one opponent with a winning record. after losing monday against the indians, the as closer jim johnson was booed off the mound. oakland had a one-run lead in
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the ninth. johnson loaded the bases. then michael brantley. the indians win 6-4. johnson had two losses and one blown save already. check out 43-year-old jason giambi. a's first home run of the year. 5-0 as . the lefty struck out five, pitched into the eighth without allowing the run of the the as win that 6-1 and they split the twin bill. chase field. giants and d-backs. michael morse. hunter pence scores. the giants lead 2-0. that was plenty for that man. tim hudson struck out seven. just three hits for the 38-year- old and his giants debut. san francisco wins 2-0. time for the wednesday night top
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five. at number five, remember that selfie by david ortiz snapped with obama? it was sponsored by sam sung. number four, ode to red sox. lackey. boston beat baltimore. number three, you think there are head injuries in football? look at rug by. oh my goodness. down he goes. number two, ever wonder what happened to first round pick yudo? you got lebron. cohen of rockford, illinois. threw the ball back wards. cohen was a spare a second away from rolling a perfect gain which apparently has never been done before. obviously it has never been done before. throwing the ball back wards. >> he looked like his arm was
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super human. >> how many beers did he have? >> he never threw a perfect game the right way either. maybe that's why he went the other way. >> very cool. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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honey bunches of oats are just $1.88. there's more savings to safeway. roller rink is about to clo for good. >> the end of an era. san jose's last roller rink is about to close for good. we go for one last spin tomorrow morning at kpix5 beginning at 4:30. >> all right, david letterman is coming up next. but we need to say good-bye to
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don. good luck! ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs and now, the fresh prince of muncie, david letterman! (cheers and applause) ( band playing "late show" theme )


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